Private Equity

Private Equity Investing in Small Businesses

South Peak Capital invests in small businesses between $2M and $10 in Revenue. Our guiding principles are simple:  We look for opportunities to leverage our in-house expertise to transform and grow our target companies.  In other words, we are looking for a business targets where we can execute a well thought out business plan to transform a good company into a good business.

South Peak Capital specializes in acquiring mature small businesses that have the potential for additional growth.  Our unique hands on approach stems from our founding roots.  Our founders come from  Big 4 management consulting background., thus we are primarily interested in taking a proven consulting methodology and applying it equity owned small businesses to improve their long term value.

We are the opposite of passive, we proactively look for opportunities before we make an acquisition where we can get our hands dirty and add value.

Our team takes a two pronged approach to every deal:

  • Operational Efficiencies and Economies of Scale
  • Strategic Growth Execution through two primary channels:
  1. Implementation and Launch of additional service  or product lines
  2. Sales and Marketing efforts into new and existing markets

Investment Criteria:

South Peak is interested in the following characteristics and criteria in its acquisition targetsRevenue between $1M – $10M

    • Cash Flow greater than $300K
    • More than 5 employees
    • Potential for improved marketing and sales effectiveness
    • Potential for entry into related markets
    • Potential for new services or products
    • We do not invest in restaurants or retail